Saturday, September 24, 2011

SL DESIGNERS REMIX tour, Digs Homes + Melino Style

We continue our tour of SL designers Remix Act II with a build from Iris Maskelyne for DIGS.
Digs has been active in SL creating classic, contemporary, iconic, and antique furniture and prefabs.

At only 198 prims Bordelon Cottage DIGS has placed for this project  is a sweet retreat by any standard. 

The house has a rustic feel, emphasized by the use of neutral tones and soft textures. 
We are instantly drawn to the open and inviting front with realistic decking. The two large french doors and the choice of window frames really help you get into the country vibe.

The pillars placed around the building support the roof and give you shelter when you sit on the porch in front of the home. Apart from that they help soften the brick angular exterior of the house.

The open lay-out is inviting and gives the user all the freedom use the space as they see fit.
A room divider towards the back of the house breaks the large open space and creates a small but effective space for privacy. 

The back of the house has a large section with windowpanes that lets in lots of light and helps connect the interior of this rustic house with the outside. A door leads out to the back where a small porch has been added.

The house has a quiet soft character that will allow anyone inside to put their own stamp on it.
Both the wooden floor and the beams are in keeping with the style. Whether you want to emphasize the rustic character or choose to go a completely different direction the house will let you be you.

Interior designer Tara Tagore has been working in SL for years now. Creating furniture and home decoration with that marrocan vibe since 2007 . Use of earthy, spicy and vibrant colors are combined with intricate patterns that instanly transport you to the middle east.

In this particular interior Tara shows that with minimal prims she can take the house from understated to modern and funky. Injecting color and pattern but keeping the base in neutral white and black has worked out well.

The house is divided in two spaces. The main space has been furnished as living room with plenty of seating and a classic curvy desk and two lounge chairs (specially made for this project). 
The primary color here is white that connects well with the grey tones of the house itself. 
The large white couch ofsets the wild use of colors for rugs and pillows. 
A set of three hanging lights puts a zest of color connecting floor, couch and ceiling.

A large distressed wooden screen in white behind the couch helps put the balance back in the use of pattern and color that would otherwise dominate.

The curves of bookcase next to the couch is offset by the stylish high gloss black and calming use of white color. 
This is one of the pieces specially created for this project.
The smaller space has been reserved for the bed room. Again the strong Marrakesh vibe is evoked by the pattern of the bedroom furniture but is cleverly balanced becaus of the use of the base color black. The black works as the white in the larger area to connect the color pallette of the house to that of the furniture. A sensual and rich feel kept in check by toned down color, a perfect match for this house. 
The two bedside tables have been built specially for the SL Designers remix project to complete the bedroom set.

Art by Scarlet Highfield is placed all over this house. It has the same lust for life vibe and uses a lot of black, white and bright colors to reflect the interior. To look at more work from Scarlet, click here.

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