Saturday, September 24, 2011

SL DESIGNERS REMIX tour, Digs Homes + Melino Style

We continue our tour of SL designers Remix Act II with a build from Iris Maskelyne for DIGS.
Digs has been active in SL creating classic, contemporary, iconic, and antique furniture and prefabs.

At only 198 prims Bordelon Cottage DIGS has placed for this project  is a sweet retreat by any standard. 

The house has a rustic feel, emphasized by the use of neutral tones and soft textures. 
We are instantly drawn to the open and inviting front with realistic decking. The two large french doors and the choice of window frames really help you get into the country vibe.

The pillars placed around the building support the roof and give you shelter when you sit on the porch in front of the home. Apart from that they help soften the brick angular exterior of the house.

The open lay-out is inviting and gives the user all the freedom use the space as they see fit.
A room divider towards the back of the house breaks the large open space and creates a small but effective space for privacy. 

The back of the house has a large section with windowpanes that lets in lots of light and helps connect the interior of this rustic house with the outside. A door leads out to the back where a small porch has been added.

The house has a quiet soft character that will allow anyone inside to put their own stamp on it.
Both the wooden floor and the beams are in keeping with the style. Whether you want to emphasize the rustic character or choose to go a completely different direction the house will let you be you.

Interior designer Tara Tagore has been working in SL for years now. Creating furniture and home decoration with that marrocan vibe since 2007 . Use of earthy, spicy and vibrant colors are combined with intricate patterns that instanly transport you to the middle east.

In this particular interior Tara shows that with minimal prims she can take the house from understated to modern and funky. Injecting color and pattern but keeping the base in neutral white and black has worked out well.

The house is divided in two spaces. The main space has been furnished as living room with plenty of seating and a classic curvy desk and two lounge chairs (specially made for this project). 
The primary color here is white that connects well with the grey tones of the house itself. 
The large white couch ofsets the wild use of colors for rugs and pillows. 
A set of three hanging lights puts a zest of color connecting floor, couch and ceiling.

A large distressed wooden screen in white behind the couch helps put the balance back in the use of pattern and color that would otherwise dominate.

The curves of bookcase next to the couch is offset by the stylish high gloss black and calming use of white color. 
This is one of the pieces specially created for this project.
The smaller space has been reserved for the bed room. Again the strong Marrakesh vibe is evoked by the pattern of the bedroom furniture but is cleverly balanced becaus of the use of the base color black. The black works as the white in the larger area to connect the color pallette of the house to that of the furniture. A sensual and rich feel kept in check by toned down color, a perfect match for this house. 
The two bedside tables have been built specially for the SL Designers remix project to complete the bedroom set.

Art by Scarlet Highfield is placed all over this house. It has the same lust for life vibe and uses a lot of black, white and bright colors to reflect the interior. To look at more work from Scarlet, click here.

Friday, September 16, 2011

SL DESIGNERS REMIX tour, Funky Junk + Step Inside

The "Mirabella" house from Ulaa Coronet's Funky Junk is immediately struck with its mediterranean atmosphere. The house tail peace and quiet.
The natural earth tones, curved arches and several terraces are the distinctive characteristics of the Spanish hasiendas.
The spacious rooms on different floors and an open roof terrace make this house perfect for a full expansion.

This house have all needed and perfect details we are used to in 2011,nice sculpted windows and blinds, beautiful realistic textures, rustic wooden pergolas and authentic outdoor lamps.
A perfect home for a relaxing holiday!

The store info note :"Funky*Junk grew out of my want of a cute house but lack of linden. And while SL is all about fantasy and expanding beyond the normal, I still prefer my houses to have RL elements to them, like something you would see in any given neighborhood. I try to keep the designs simple, nothing extreme or elaborate as to provide a canvas for the owner to make it special and personal with their own accessories and furniture. My designs tend to be on the more country, shabby side with open floorplans which allows the owner to define thier own space. "

Mirabella prefab comes in 3 versions ( full design - shutters only - bare version ) and even its a big house, it fits a 21 x 23 plot !

"Step Inside" is timeless and fashionable, designer designs in a timeless atmosphere. The furniture stand out for their soothing and neutral color palettes and excellent choices of soft shapes.

Realistic and easy to combine are the keywords here, and all furniture comes with this handy "HUD" to choose fabrics and colors, a great added bonus.

The collection of Lany June offers a range of possibilities, living room, bedroom, bathroom furniture to mix along your personal taste.
And details do matter here, note the reflextions in the mirror of the bathroom, another great extra addition!

Note that all "Step Inside" furniture showed here, are Limited Editions for the SL DESIGNERS REMIX, and can not be found in the mainstore. So dont miss this set of unique designs.
The designer also offers customs, if ever you dont find the right colors or textures to fit your new house.

Paintings and art showed in this house are all from Blessing Moonwing. Her amazing colorful collection can be found here:

Funky Junk

Step Inside

Home: Funky Junk by Ulaa Coronet
Interior: Step Inside by Lany Jun

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

SL DESIGNERS REMIX Tour, Maven Homes + C&D Designs

Our SL DESIGNERS REMIX tour starts with the most remarkable house on the REMIX this time, the "Maven Homes, Adagio". It is for sure also the most primmy house, and also in size not the smallest. This is one of those luxury houses for pll with lots of prims and land, but, if you are into modern architecture, you will sure love this design! Its outstanding !

From the store info note: "Maven Homes offers homes in a variety of styles and price ranges, spanning from contemporary designs to classic 19th century homes."

Adagio is , for me anyway, more into the modern 20th century style, textures are rich but neutral and close to realism. The house is build out a lot of cement and concrete, natural wood floors and metal details. Glass plays a central role in the design, and in the house's interior as well. Big windows ( even wallsize ), full glass doors, overhead glass lights and a glass landing lead the eyes through and out of the building in unexpected ways and challenge standard conceptions of interior space. A must see !

The house is dressed up by C&D Furniture, what "remix" perfectly well with the house design. We all know C&D from the minimal, modern clean lines, the amazing collection lamps and aquariums, and the smart build furniture.

In this decor i have spotted a more romantic side of C&D to,in the room on the first floor is a white "Distressed Limited Edition textures" chair & table set in poetic faded whites, very dreamy and unexpected from C&D. Each room has new designs to discover, and all well balanced to match the house and architectural concept. But from a talented designer like Cherelle is, we actually expect no less ;o)

The store info note:
"In 2007, C&D Designs opened it doors to their very first store with a modern vision. Having a background in architecture, interior, furniture and lighting design, Cherelle Capra began to bring her style into the virtual world. As each piece and build was meticulously constructed, the design collections grew. By the end of 2009, the 5th and current main store was opened. Since then, it has been a pleasure to continually express the love and joy we have in creating environments for your visual senses. Along the way, we have collaborated with many designers for various charity and project work, constantly learning and being inspired. This allowing us to showcase the breadth of what we do best."

"C&D Designs - Styled Living" represents a main mix of classic & post modern designs, along with retro and vintage styles. Some of our collections also include time period & fantasy themes for expanding collectors. This allows us to convey our versatility while adding interest to our collections, including our Egyptian, Cyber, Fantasy, and Asian releases. We incorporate our real life design experience into each project with careful attention to detail and style. We love colour and pattern, so you will be sure to see this throughout our work. Also, we invite you to view our "Pure Light Emporium" in person, for a large array of creative and functional lighting. It is one of our largest prides for our label, as a leader in design."

Adagio 3, 671 prims, Maven Homes by Cain Maven
Flickr: to view mavenhomes flickr site click here

C&D by Cherelle Capra
Flickr - to view C&D fllickr site click here

TP to the SL DESIGNERS REMIX "Maven Homes + C&D"
Click HERE to visit SL Designers Remix and explore Maven Homes with C&D furniture

Friday, September 9, 2011


Here we are again, SL DESIGNERS REMIX, Act II

That magic moment, Indian Summer, falling leaves, the rich colours, and that faded golden glow "1 minute before sunrise"... That s the new look for this "Act II" setting, and our designers have stepped up to the mark with some wonderful creations !

Are you ready for the next step in SL Home, Interiour & Garden evolution?

Instead of seeing what furniture looks like in a furniture store, how about seeing what it might look like in your home?

Home builders are mixing it it up with furniture, decor, and garden designers to create a unique and engaging shopping experience !


Introducing the SL Designers Remix, Act II

What is this remix about...

2 sims +
9 home ( houses ) designers +
11 furniture & interiour designers +
10 SL artists +
time limit of 2 months
a new remixed Home, Interiour & Garden Shopping sim experience!

Interiour & Furniture Designers are:
C&D by Cherelle Capra
Designer Prims by Elle Crescendo
JoHaDeZ by John2010 Dexler
Interior Addition by Amelie Carlucci
DIGS by Iris Maskelyne
Little House Of Curious by Lindsay Pinelli
Step Inside by Lany Jun
Natas Design by Natasha Shoteka
Melino Style by Tara Tagore

House Designers are:
Maven Homes by Cain Maven
La' Licious by Amaliscious Destiny
L2 Studio by Lindini2 Lane
Homekraft by GM Nikolaidis
Funky Junk by Ulaa Coronet
ByDeZyne by Huntr Gustafson
D&M Dream Design by Dolly Baroque
DIGS by Iris Maskelyne
Galland Homes by Robert Galland
Second Architecture by Laurence Mapp

Artists are:
Aliah Hirano
Blessing Moonwing
Gabrielle Swindlehurst
Jewell Lamourfou
maloe vansant
neom grut
Piedra Lubitsch
sanam Sewell
Scarlet Highfield
Talullah Winterwolf

SL DESIGNERS REMIX opens today, September 9th, and runs till November 4th 2011.

Dont miss this unique project, the numerous new releases and gifts, and the power of united designers and art.

Visit the REMIX sims

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

SL DesignerS Remix Act II starts friday 9/9

Yes, you got it right its time for round number two in the SL Designers remix starting this friday 9/9 !!
After a successful  first round Pitsch has been busy trying to find a fresh batch of designers to furnish two sims ..... from scratch. All the beautiful homes, furniture and plants from round one have been deleted and Pitsch has re-landscaped both sims.

As we speak the new designers are setting up their homes. Some of the homes are already furnished and in my honest opinion i have seen some pretty good matches. We are so glad that symbioses of home and furniture has benefited from the fact that the concept and aim of the designers remix has settled in with the designers.

SL Designers remix was set up to present homes and furniture in a new setting.
Usually you are in a shop where you buy a home or furniture and accessories for your home.
These two sims are designed to feel like a home. We want to display homes where you happen to be able to buy the building and the furniture in it.

In keeping with the change of season this time the theme revolves around New England Fall,  The foliage has turned shades of red and yellow and the sunlight has that Indian summer golden tone. The houses on the sims have been chosen to reflect this fall vibe.

Next to stunning new homes the sim will be host to an art center where an all female cast of 10 artists will display their art.

We hope to welcome all of you this Friday for the opening of SL Designer Remix Act II so you can all taste the new offerings that will be on display for two months.

Over the course of the next few weeks i'll be visiting each house and trying to give more background on the work, the designers and the artists. So stay tuned and hopefully we will all see you this weekend at the opening of ACT II.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Interior Addiction

Please click photo above for larger image.

Home Sweet Houseboat
Included in rez faux is the undecorated houseboat with dock attached. 167 prim - mod/copy
Box of outer decor which includes: 6 x planters (pink flower) - 2 prim each - mod/trans, 6 x planters (red flower) - 2 prim each - mod/trans, 1 x anchor - 1 prim - mod/trans, 1 x ship's wheel - 1 prim - mod/trans, 1 x string of paper lanterns - 9 prim - mod/trans and 1 x Flowers in bucket - 3 prim - mod/trans.

Info card is available via a sign located next to the vendor.

Interior Addiction @ SL Designers Remix

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weekend Offer from Semirami

Time for weekend!
Time for gardening!
Time for a trip into the nature!

Welcome To The Designer Remix Experience A New Way To Shop, home builders are mixing it it up with furniture, decor, and garden designers to create a unique and engaging shopping experience !

For this weekend only you get the single flowers i planted in this flowerbed. Just 25L per flower.